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12 December 2008

I hope this works, this is just one of many fun moments at Disney. I think Riley was just stunned to be meeting the real princess. She was so excited. It was great. I will upload more later.
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19 November 2008

The Blues flying high in formation.

My two models on a helicopter.

In front of a big airplane (I'm so technical).

Only a few minutes into the show - still sitting.

Caleb and a pilot who decided his career at five when he attended his first Blue Angel's air show.

Just checking in. We had a great weekend with the Blue Angels and my family in town to celebrate Caleb's birthday. I never get tired of watching fast airplanes - maybe I missed my calling. Not - they do need spectators.

Now trying to make it through Thanksgiving festivities at school.

Riley is creating more stories each day. She definitely has an imagination and her own mind. She is not easily swayed.

Caleb is getting so big - and testing his limits again.

Both have entered the "whine zone." I never thought I'd say I'm tired of all of the whining - I have often heard other mothers say that. Now I know. I thought I'd be better at preventing it - nope! That's what I get for thinking. Ha Ha

03 November 2008

My baby's 5th birthday

Today is Caleb's 5th birthday. Happy Birthday, Caleb. It seems just like yesterday I was leaking water while I talked to my mom on the phone at 8PM on Sunday night. I told her we'd let her know what was going on. That night she and my sister drove four hours to make it in time for Caleb's birth - only to wait in the waiting room for 13 hours. Yes, I didn't have him until 1 PM Monday afternoon. He was slow a coming. :)

We celebrated today with cupcakes at school, then family time at Chuck E Cheese. Bryan was out of town, but I sent him lots of pictures. We'll celebrate again in two weeks when my family comes to see the Blue Angel's Homecoming show. We have purchased front row seats with food included. Yippee!! I should have some great pics after that.

One of our friends/co-teachers at preschool asked Caleb this morning if he had gotten a haircut. I said a week ago. She said he just looked older today. I must admit I'm teary eyed thinking about that right now. She didn't even know it was his birthday. How ironic. I thank God for him every day - even on those trying days.

He is my sweet, affectionate, touchy-feely child with my melancholy personality. Probably will be type A, and definitely serious-minded. He is always thinking, worrying about something - but sure knows how to be silly. We really are a lot alike. And, he is so photogenic. I love most pictures of him - so handsome and adorable.

Thank God for my five year old baby boy.

01 November 2008

I'm back

Our first pumpkin carving went well.

Riley smacked her head again - she really is a blonde, and two.

This is a forced smile - "Mom made me or I would be in big trouble."

This was the original pose - not really liked by Mom.

I love hot chocolate or "cocoa." And the spiderman cup was new to me, because I forgot I got it last year. Go, Mom!

Caleb is grumpy after a forced nap - notice the number of "forcings" going on at nearly five.

We fellowshipped and went trick-or-treating with friends last night. Thanks Jennie for inviting us. I forgot the camera, however. But, I did take some pics last weekend at our church's fall festival. Caleb was a pilot and Riley, a cheerleader. Caleb wanted to be Darth Vader badly, but I just wouldn't allow it this year. He finally asked, "Can I pretend to be Darth Vader in my pilot costume?" I said sure. He didn't though. Riley wanted to be a princess, so I told her she was a princess cheerleader, it worked. I guess next year I'll have to give in and let them pick. I just so happened found their costumes on clearance several months ago at our party store - so Mom won this year.

We had a pirate dress up day for MOPS; Riley is not a pirate, but a princess - so she didn't participate.

We had Hay Day at school - thus the cowboy/cowgirl pics.

Finally, the cold weather is wonderful. Caleb loves hot chocolate or as he calls it hot cocoa (and he corrects me often). Riley just likes the marshmellows. And, we carved our first pumpkins. We even roasted the seeds. Riley and I liked them, Caleb and Bryan not so much. Fun times.

Well, hope you have a great Lord's day tomorrow - and don't forget to change those clocks. I am sure we'll be up at 5:00 AM. Good night, now, I'd better get to bed early. LOL.

I tried to figure out the captions; I'll keep practicing. Thanks, Amanda.

23 October 2008

Farm Trip and others

Well, we just took our second annual farm trip to Beebe Farm. The kids had a wonderful time; and Riley got two rides on the ponies. (I stealthily put her on for a second ride.) Here are a few pics. We missed our friends Ms. Jenny and Ella - sorry I only sent an email invitation and not a personal one or a call. We'll go again next year - it is great fun.

Caleb and I are supposed to go to a different farm tomorrow, but it is raining tonight - so I am not sure if it will be cancelled. I'll let you know next month. Just kidding.

I found many other shots before I ever located farm pics, sorry. Riley's pajama day; Caleb's circus day (a tiger), a Saturday family walk; tower of toys, and fishing with grandpa. I think that's all. I haven't figured out how to put captions; I am sure it is easy, but I am clueless.

Have a great month. :)

07 October 2008

Thanks Amanda for calling me out of the blog dust

Amanda tagged me to list ten of Bryan's favorite things. I'll try, but they change so often. :) I tell him he's a girl or something - mostly though, he's a dreamer - good change from my non-dream life.

I'm tired and have a headache, so I won't add pics as Amanda did - I am not an over acheiver tonight.

However, I did want to mention that I am noticing a two month blog update pattern here - so sorry.

Here goes:
1. Boats (he has wanted one for many years and came so close this summer, not yet.
2. Water (goes with the boat, but really he just loves to watch, listen, fish, boat, etc.)
3. Me (he'd have to since he's put up with me for 10 years. Really, I am thankful to have a husband that adores me, and whom I adore.)
4. Computers (or does he hate them, no I think he secretly loves them; he knows so much about them and enjoys fooling around with them. Good thing, because I don't know much.)
5. Self Improvement - to explain, he is always willing to see his faults and work on them - or improve himself - for example, he is working on his Ph.D, faithful in working out, and looks for ways to improve in every area. I am proud of him.
6. Pink bubble gum ice cream - or any other ice cream (I love this about him; we share a love for Baskin Robbins - or any milkshake)
7. Clothes shopping - I tell him he's a girl - but really he has more style than I, and I am glad that he cares about the way he looks
8. Chinese food - I deal with it because I love him - thankfully he really does adore me and doesn't ask very often.
9. Guy movies (and secretly Romantic comedies) - Thank you, honey. :)
10. Christmas - he loves everything about it and is like a kid just talking and thinking about it only being two months away. How sweet.

Now, I hope that is legible - I really am tired. I now tag Jenny because she is the only other blog I read besides Amanda and Theresa. Good night.

03 August 2008

So sorry . . .

I'm so sorry that I haven't been faithful to my blog. I don't think I have many readers, but I love reading Jenny's and Amanda's, so I'll update a bit. We have done so much since that June entry that I couldn't catch up, so I'll write just a few more current items and try to include pics.

We successfully threw a 40th anniversary party for my in-laws.

Bryan and I will celebrate 10 years on Friday, Aug. 8. He will celebrate 34 years of life on the 6th. Big week.

I sewed a dress! Enough said.

We raised a catepillar until we released it as a butterfly. Actually, we lost our first catepillar (he escaped); but we successfully raised the second one. Thanks Corrie for giving us another one.

We are still working on potty-training; going well. Tonight Riley went to sleep without a pacifier (don't know how it will go in the middle of the night when she wakes, but it's a start).

My grandmother was in ICU, and is now out. Please pray for salvation, as she has made it clear that she is okay with dying soon. I'm not so okay with that because I know what happens next. She doesn't believe in heaven or hell as such, just heaven or the next place, I guess.

School begins in two weeks and I have a great assistant whom I am excited to be working with.

I'm now on Facebook, so look me up if you are too. I can't keep up with that either, so don't worry. :)

Funny notes: Caleb has decided to focus on "service" and "slavery" lately. He says that he wants me to serve him or he'll serve us; other times he asks, "What am I, your slave?" Cracks me up.

He and Riley also learned the Ten Commandments. Later in the week we were looking at an old photo album. There was a picture of me with an ex-boyfriend. He didn't say anything then. But later, so innocently, he says, "Mommy, adultery means you only hold daddy's hand, right?" I say, "Yes, baby, God only wants you to hold hands and kiss your husband or wife." He then says, "But I saw you holding hands with another man in that picture." I had to explain that was before I ever knew daddy, and so now I only hold daddy's hands,etc. (Just a question - is it weird for me to have that picture around?)

Riley now grabs anything and runs and throws it behind her bookcase to "hide" it. She actually cheered for me in a public restroom for going potty, saying it "makes me so happy." (These are always my words for her). She was singing one day, "Oh where, oh where could my pacifier be? Oh where, oh where could it be?" (Oh, where, oh, where could that little dog be?) Very creative, I thought. Also, we found the pacifier in the VCR (later we also found a DVD and a wooden peg). And yes, it still works.

One last note about the pics. We bought sparklers. Bad idea for a 2 year old. Riley has burned her hand twice in her life already (iron once - really bad; and a lamp - bad, but not as bad as iron.) Now, she has been burned three times - sparkler. It was burned out and she took off running from us - before we could get it she grabbed the other end. Not so bad this time, but still a burn. That girl . . .

Enough rambling - I've gone on too long, so I'll add some pics now and be done.
Have a great week (or more likely, month :) Sorry about the lack of grammatical correctness, it's late and I don't really care right now - I'm just trying to spill the beans. LOL

22 June 2008

Done and looking forward to the weekend.

Hallelujah, five-squared in an operatic tone. :)I'm done grading until fall - although I am so thankful for the job, and I do enjoy it for the most part - it is time consuming and tiring. Not to mention, we had ceramic tile installed and it took longer than expected. Then Bryan decided to paint the closest before we put everything back in, so my house was a DISASTER for two weeks. I couldn't stand it anymore. Finally, it is back to normal. The kids have been a true test of patience; however, now that I think about it objectively - if I've felt so out of control and chaotic and busy, they must have too. I pray, yes, I pray that they improve quickly. The good thing is, I leave Friday for a girl's weekend in Atlanta. Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, and Pamela ?Shriver? here we come. I can't wait. But, don't let me get ahead of myself. This week is VBS - yes Outrigger Island. I am a wimp this year and begged for the snack and floater position, thankfully, because I've been so busy I might have gone crazy otherwise. Well, going to rest now - I will try to update sooner than later. Chow (I'm watching some Italian show).

12 June 2008

Going strong

Well we have been going strong for what: two weeks now? We are having lots of fun. We've visited the butterfly garden, the water fountain pad in Navarre, jumped at the bounce house, and spent lots of time in the pool. Caleb has had two swim lessons so far and he is doing well. Hopefully it won't be long and he'll be swimming laps. ;)
Riley gave us and herself a scare and fell in the pool. Amazing that five adults were right there and yet none of us saw her fall off the step. We were too busy shooting water guns. She was only done a matter of seconds, we assume. The scariest part was she never even tried to fight to swim; she just floated face down. I think she was too stunned to do anything. However, the good news is it only took two or three more swim times and she seems to be over her fear. Yesterday, she was having a blast jumping from the side in a ring and arm floaties. It really has been a great summer; we are really over the baby stage and going out to do things is becoming easier and more fun. They are playing well together, and apart. I forgot that we are reading lots of books thanks to our libraries great summer reading program for all kids. It has been fun to be forced to read a variety of books instead of just dinosaur and farm animals. Caleb is realizing there are other stories out there besides cars, trucks, dinosaurs (the regular boy stuff).

Well, got to go get to work; grading began today, so until later - beat the heat and have fun. We will.


07 May 2008

Uninspired entry (aka, couldn't think of a title)

So, today I stayed home with Riley. It was a nice change. Of course, she was sick and took two naps before lunch, with lots of lazy time in between, so it is no indication of a normal day at home. It's over though, in case you were wondering. We picked Caleb up from school; Riley took another short nap, but no such luck for Caleb. He isn't interested today. When he figured out that we wouldn't be going to church tonight, any chance of a nap was out the window. He always asks if we are "going anywhere tonight?" If we are, he'll nap without much debate; but if we are not, the battle begins. And let me add, that boy is talented. I can lie with him for an hour and he will not fall asleep. I, usually, okay always, do. But when I awake, he is sure to let me know he hasn't and won't be going to sleep. So, I give up. As long as he gives in on days when we have to go out in the evenings, I guess I'm okay. Who am I kidding? I really don't have much of a choice now do I? :)

Well, grading begins tomorrow, so chaos will ensue. My laptop battery is dead, so that is sure to be a challenge - what did I do before the laptop anyway? I am so spoiled by carrying it around while I grade: I can sit in Caleb's room while they play or try to nap (yeah right, as I mentioned above). I can sit outside while they play, but starting tomorrow, the challenge begins. I do enjoy grading, but the logistics are always a challenge: concentrating and getting in a certain number of hours with two children is difficult.

School is wrapping up: we are finished with all major programs, downhill slide if I may.

Spring is heating up to summer, and with gas prices what they are I guess I better get used to a dirty floor. We'll be in the sprinkler a lot this summer ( the back door opens to the living room which is laminate flooring). Every piece of grass, sand (dirt in other states), and dust ends up everywhere.

I am really not complaining, just preparing myself mentally so that I don't have to complain later. :)

Well, it's been fun . . . but the dishes to need to be unloaded and the clothes do need to be put up, oh, then there are the kids who are unsupervised in front of the television.

So, until later . . .

23 April 2008

Just updating, nothing profound

Just an update; I am kind of tired, so I won't be typing long, or correctly. Riley is still doing well with potty training. She has things backwards: she holds in when she is wearing a pull up and pees everywhere in panties. Maybe she just likes to see me cleaning. Who knows. We traveled to Baton Rouge this weekend for my mom's 50th birthday and my neice, Kylee's, first birthday. We had fun. Bryan has been in Atlanta, so I decided to stay an extra night in BR. This weekend is the women's conference, I am really excited. We've had a busy couple of weeks at school and the busyness won't end for another week or two. Then we are just about done, so I am wiped out.

Well, just wanted to update. Kids are napping, so I better go do some work. I'll write something more profound another day. Until then, my thought for the day (really a Bible thought). Every time you begin to worry, pray. So, don't worry, pray. Then rest in His promises.

Love ya, sheree

04 April 2008

Going well . . . only time will tell

Going well for sure, but the "only time will tell," that was intended only for rhyming sake.

Thursday we ventured out to the school for a little while for mom to get ahead on some work. Then we ventured on over to Chick-Fil-A. Riley did excellent. No accidents until yesterday evening at grandma's house, after I had called my mom to brag and bragged to Bryan's parents. That's likely right?

Today she has done great. We went to the library and she went potty there. So, I feel good about her progress. I am sure we are not in the clear for a long time, but I am happy about our work. Next week will be a big test as we go back to school. I am not sure what will happen then, but I'll let you know.

Well, we are hoping to have a garage sale tomorrow, if the weather cooperates. So, until later . . . much labeling to do.


02 April 2008

Second day is better than the first day . . . and the third day

Well, yesterday afternoon and evening seemed like a miracle. Riley was sitting at her table in the kitchen, while Bryan and I were each in different rooms. Suddenly, I hear, "Mommy." I then find Riley sitting on her potty chair. On her own initiative, without an accident, she had gone to the bathroom, pulled down her panties and gone poo and pee. I was ecstatic. So, feeling so brave, we took her out to dinner in panties. It was a very slow night at the restaurant, so not to worry. We went to the potty four times. She actually used it twice, the other two were just for fun (it became a game, but being so new at it, I couldn't call her bluff).

However, today is a new day. We have now pooped and peed in panties several times. Still no accidents on carpet, but quite a disappointment after yesterday's success. Actually, she hasn't gone on the potty once today, but I am persevering with yesterday in mind. Today is Wednesday. We return to school on Monday, so we still have time.

Now, to the give the other child his fair share of blog space. Last night I was sitting on the couch working while Bryan sat at the bar working, when I thought I saw a kid walk across the hallway. So, I paused and asked Bryan if he saw someone. A second later, Riley's light came on, then went off, came on, then went off. Now, she can't reach the light without a stool, and I knew I didnt' hear any commotion. So, Bryan darted into the hallway and guided a still asleep Caleb back to his bed. That was our first experience with sleep walking. I am just glad we have a house alarm in case he decides to take his adventure outside one of these nights. I told him about it today, and he thought that was very funny (but of course said he can't remember).

Guess I'll fill you in tomorrow on how it goes this evening. Evenings seem to have gone much better than mornings on both days.

Off to do more laundry (the bathroom rug did get hit today :)

31 March 2008


Well, today is one of those days you look back on and think either, "Wow, what in the world was I thinking?" or "Wow, so glad I jumped right into that one."

I officially began potty training Riley today. I was all set to wait until summer when I awoke this morning and thought, "Let's go for it." (We are on Spring Break)Well, by 11AM, I just about gave up. Then she so heavenly wandered into her room and took a nap (Yes, all by herself without any prodding or even knowledge by her mother). So, after nap, we jumped right in again. By the evening, she had realized that panties and the toilet go together and that panties should stay dry. She also went several times this afternoon without an accident. Throughout the day, she ran to the bathroom once on her own (yes, that was a big deal - and although she didn't quite make it, we cheered anyway). Many, many, many other times, she would tell me as she peed that she needed to go potty. But, I considered that good recognition on her part that something wasn't going right. We would dart into the bathroom, leaving wet nasty feet prints all through house. Yes, thank God for laminate flooring, no carpet accidents today.

I must say as proud as I am of her, I am so proud of myself. Not once did I whine, yell, cry, or grumble. I maintained a positive attitude throughout, other than the momentary willingness to quit until summer.

So, day one is over . . . I hope day two brings much success. We are going to go to venture out to a movie and Wal=Mart (planned before potty training entered the picture), but we will make it I am sure (pull up to the rescue probably). I really think she understands the difference.

By the way, I didn't realize how well Caleb would take to potty training. Maybe I should have waited until he was 4 1/2 to train him. He has peed and pooped no less than 10 times today because the candy dispenser is in the bathroom. One for pee, and "two for poo." And he hasn't forgotten once to claim his reward. Once I even told him not right now, because he had just gone, and he actually cried like a broken hearted baby because he said, "But, I went pee pee." The boy usually avoids the bathroom until he has to sprint into it lucky if he doesn't dribble as he is trying to get it out.

So, I didn't know training number two would mean rewarding both children. And wow is that bathroom small with all three of us in there. :)

I am exhausted, so tootleloo for now.
From camp "two for poo,"

18 March 2008