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23 October 2008

Farm Trip and others

Well, we just took our second annual farm trip to Beebe Farm. The kids had a wonderful time; and Riley got two rides on the ponies. (I stealthily put her on for a second ride.) Here are a few pics. We missed our friends Ms. Jenny and Ella - sorry I only sent an email invitation and not a personal one or a call. We'll go again next year - it is great fun.

Caleb and I are supposed to go to a different farm tomorrow, but it is raining tonight - so I am not sure if it will be cancelled. I'll let you know next month. Just kidding.

I found many other shots before I ever located farm pics, sorry. Riley's pajama day; Caleb's circus day (a tiger), a Saturday family walk; tower of toys, and fishing with grandpa. I think that's all. I haven't figured out how to put captions; I am sure it is easy, but I am clueless.

Have a great month. :)


thePiks said...

Wonderful pictures! For captions, I just type under each picture. You can move the pictures around by cutting and pasting or spacing down and then type in between each one.
Can't wait for your next post!

Jenny said...

I love the new look of your blog! The pictures are great. Can't believe how big Riley's looking! I guess it has been about a month since we last got together!! If you ever get a free day, let me know and we'll re-arrange our school day just for you guys! Maybe we'll see you tomorrow at the Festival. :)