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11 September 2007

random thoughts from the random thinker's son

This was our conversation in the car this afternoon:

Caleb - Do I have soccer practice today?
Mom - No

Caleb - When will it snow?
Mom - Probably not for a very long time?

Caleb - When am I getting married?
Mom - Hopefully not for a very long time?

Mom - Wow, look at that truck. . .

Seriously, I am not sure where the snow question came from. The wedding question comes from the fact that he was fitted for his tux on Saturday (for my sister's wedding). I think he wonders when the wedding will be. Just an odd combination while riding in the car. From silence to marriage in 3.3 seconds - only from a three year old.

Have a great night.

after the fact

Well, the pictures obviously didn't work the first time; but this time yes. I am just learning - be patient.

Trying something new

I thought I'd play around and see if I could put in a couple of pictures. We'll see.

After a tough weekend, I thought I'd ask Caleb's preschool teachers how he is doing behaviorally in school. Boy lunch. He is always making everyone laugh - apparently even the teachers.

Yesterday, they informed me, he tooted and everyone thougth it was hilarious, so he played it up. We have discussed the phrase, "Excuse me" many times. But, obviously, he thinks a laugh is better.

He also has been banned from playing with the ski mask in the dress-up area. Apparently he likes to pull it down and scare his friends. (I sure hope this thrill ends in early childhood and doesn't follow him into adulthood)

Well, that was enough news. He has been better behaved since then. Now his sister on the other hand . . . well, let's just say she has a growing passion for fingerpainting with food (not good timing as we are attempting to wean from the high chair).

Just a few notes on the pictures: Riley and Caleb at MeMe Glazier's house; Riley in the dog's cage (Riley's favorite place to be); Caleb at his first soccer practice; and Riley and Caleb on the first day of school (no, Mom, didn't work long on the hair).

until later,

09 September 2007

Lessons from the elder

Well, today has been a challenging day. Caleb has run the gammet when it comes to baffling his parents. One well-educated Mental Health Counselor and one well-educated stay-at-home mom have nothing on their brilliant four-year-old product.

Today he has manipulated us, lied to us, and disobeyed almost all one hundred instructions we've given him. After many time-outs, several mild tough loves, and all of his trucks being removed from his premises - he still didn't have the encouragement to listen.

He went to bed with no books or pretend stories, but a Mom, Dad, and Caleb heart to heart.

We'll see if tomorrow brings more - or if today was a mini-lesson in parenting from our Father above.

I have prayed for wisdom and help today - many times. Oh what a journey we have begun; I guess we'll look back in fifteen years or so and be able to tell if God answered in the affirmative. Until then, we press on . . .

The mentally exhausted,

08 September 2007

Back with disappointment

Well, Caleb wouldn't even go out for one play today. We were trying to figure out why and all we can get from him is "The other team mixed things up." And, "I don't like it when the people cheer."

We have tried our best to explain it, but he is happy just dressing in his bright yellow uniform, with those hot socks and shin guards, then sitting and watching his team. His favorite part is the team huddle at the end and snack. Maybe we have the original "Waterboy." I am from Louisiana.

Interesting to note - Riley (with mom chasing her) ran onto the field more times than Caleb - maybe we should dress her in yellow and see if anyone complains.

Well, we were all exhausted (some of us mentally) and both kids went down early for naps. Hooray!!

Hopefully he'll play at practice on Thursday. Maybe we'll skips games and just go to practices. :)

Until next time,

07 September 2007

Nothing short of a miracle - a timely update

Two days in a row; nothing short of a miracle. No really, Linde, you said you read and responded, so that encouraged me to read your response - which led me to update.


Well, nothing too funny today. I am teaching at FBC Preschool - young two's (they are about to turn 2). I am worn out at the end of the school day.

I really hope to update after the game tomorrow; I am sure it will be exciting. Until then, I won't waste your time.

Search on . . .


06 September 2007

every attempt counts

Well, it's another Thursday, and again, I am inspired. This time by Theresa. Go Saints! They were winning just a few minutes ago.

Believe it or not, when I get ready to blog, I have to do a forgot password, everytime. I am either so ditzy these days, or forgetful, or just not too smart. Could I remember to just write the password down? No, that would be too easy.

Well, today was Caleb's first soccer game. Maybe I'll attempt pictures soon. He played all of about one minute, then refused to go back onto the field. Scared of all the cheering. I had to remind myself not to live vicariously through him; and just accept that he can make that choice. We'll see how the second game goes, on Saturday. For now, the "Flash" are 0 and 1.

By the way, there were only two kids who wholeheartedly participated on his team. The rest were in their own little safe worlds. Funny how kids are. Or should I say, funny how adults are, always trying to force kids to be adults.

Well, enough ramblings.

Until next month, or Christmas :)