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19 November 2008

The Blues flying high in formation.

My two models on a helicopter.

In front of a big airplane (I'm so technical).

Only a few minutes into the show - still sitting.

Caleb and a pilot who decided his career at five when he attended his first Blue Angel's air show.

Just checking in. We had a great weekend with the Blue Angels and my family in town to celebrate Caleb's birthday. I never get tired of watching fast airplanes - maybe I missed my calling. Not - they do need spectators.

Now trying to make it through Thanksgiving festivities at school.

Riley is creating more stories each day. She definitely has an imagination and her own mind. She is not easily swayed.

Caleb is getting so big - and testing his limits again.

Both have entered the "whine zone." I never thought I'd say I'm tired of all of the whining - I have often heard other mothers say that. Now I know. I thought I'd be better at preventing it - nope! That's what I get for thinking. Ha Ha


Jenny said...

Looks like the Blues were a big hit! We need to get together now that I'm back! :)

thePiks said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

thePiks said...

If I remember correctly, you just celebrated a birthday. Happy birthday! Where are your party pictures?