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07 October 2008

Thanks Amanda for calling me out of the blog dust

Amanda tagged me to list ten of Bryan's favorite things. I'll try, but they change so often. :) I tell him he's a girl or something - mostly though, he's a dreamer - good change from my non-dream life.

I'm tired and have a headache, so I won't add pics as Amanda did - I am not an over acheiver tonight.

However, I did want to mention that I am noticing a two month blog update pattern here - so sorry.

Here goes:
1. Boats (he has wanted one for many years and came so close this summer, not yet.
2. Water (goes with the boat, but really he just loves to watch, listen, fish, boat, etc.)
3. Me (he'd have to since he's put up with me for 10 years. Really, I am thankful to have a husband that adores me, and whom I adore.)
4. Computers (or does he hate them, no I think he secretly loves them; he knows so much about them and enjoys fooling around with them. Good thing, because I don't know much.)
5. Self Improvement - to explain, he is always willing to see his faults and work on them - or improve himself - for example, he is working on his Ph.D, faithful in working out, and looks for ways to improve in every area. I am proud of him.
6. Pink bubble gum ice cream - or any other ice cream (I love this about him; we share a love for Baskin Robbins - or any milkshake)
7. Clothes shopping - I tell him he's a girl - but really he has more style than I, and I am glad that he cares about the way he looks
8. Chinese food - I deal with it because I love him - thankfully he really does adore me and doesn't ask very often.
9. Guy movies (and secretly Romantic comedies) - Thank you, honey. :)
10. Christmas - he loves everything about it and is like a kid just talking and thinking about it only being two months away. How sweet.

Now, I hope that is legible - I really am tired. I now tag Jenny because she is the only other blog I read besides Amanda and Theresa. Good night.

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thePiks said...

It's always good to have you come out of the dust. You always make me laugh! Hope to hear from you again soon.