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12 June 2008

Going strong

Well we have been going strong for what: two weeks now? We are having lots of fun. We've visited the butterfly garden, the water fountain pad in Navarre, jumped at the bounce house, and spent lots of time in the pool. Caleb has had two swim lessons so far and he is doing well. Hopefully it won't be long and he'll be swimming laps. ;)
Riley gave us and herself a scare and fell in the pool. Amazing that five adults were right there and yet none of us saw her fall off the step. We were too busy shooting water guns. She was only done a matter of seconds, we assume. The scariest part was she never even tried to fight to swim; she just floated face down. I think she was too stunned to do anything. However, the good news is it only took two or three more swim times and she seems to be over her fear. Yesterday, she was having a blast jumping from the side in a ring and arm floaties. It really has been a great summer; we are really over the baby stage and going out to do things is becoming easier and more fun. They are playing well together, and apart. I forgot that we are reading lots of books thanks to our libraries great summer reading program for all kids. It has been fun to be forced to read a variety of books instead of just dinosaur and farm animals. Caleb is realizing there are other stories out there besides cars, trucks, dinosaurs (the regular boy stuff).

Well, got to go get to work; grading began today, so until later - beat the heat and have fun. We will.



thePiks said...

Love the pictures! We have VBS next week, so summer is ON!!!

Jenny said...

Great pics (esp. the last one - too cute)! I have several from Navarre that haven't been edited yet. Seems like all my picture-taking/photoshopping has been on the back burner lately. So glad ya'll came to the party. Ella was thrilled to have Caleb there. I got "volunteered" for VBS, so we'll be there with you guys. We will definitely need the trip after that!! :) Sorry to go on & on in the comment section. Will talk to you later!!