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31 March 2008


Well, today is one of those days you look back on and think either, "Wow, what in the world was I thinking?" or "Wow, so glad I jumped right into that one."

I officially began potty training Riley today. I was all set to wait until summer when I awoke this morning and thought, "Let's go for it." (We are on Spring Break)Well, by 11AM, I just about gave up. Then she so heavenly wandered into her room and took a nap (Yes, all by herself without any prodding or even knowledge by her mother). So, after nap, we jumped right in again. By the evening, she had realized that panties and the toilet go together and that panties should stay dry. She also went several times this afternoon without an accident. Throughout the day, she ran to the bathroom once on her own (yes, that was a big deal - and although she didn't quite make it, we cheered anyway). Many, many, many other times, she would tell me as she peed that she needed to go potty. But, I considered that good recognition on her part that something wasn't going right. We would dart into the bathroom, leaving wet nasty feet prints all through house. Yes, thank God for laminate flooring, no carpet accidents today.

I must say as proud as I am of her, I am so proud of myself. Not once did I whine, yell, cry, or grumble. I maintained a positive attitude throughout, other than the momentary willingness to quit until summer.

So, day one is over . . . I hope day two brings much success. We are going to go to venture out to a movie and Wal=Mart (planned before potty training entered the picture), but we will make it I am sure (pull up to the rescue probably). I really think she understands the difference.

By the way, I didn't realize how well Caleb would take to potty training. Maybe I should have waited until he was 4 1/2 to train him. He has peed and pooped no less than 10 times today because the candy dispenser is in the bathroom. One for pee, and "two for poo." And he hasn't forgotten once to claim his reward. Once I even told him not right now, because he had just gone, and he actually cried like a broken hearted baby because he said, "But, I went pee pee." The boy usually avoids the bathroom until he has to sprint into it lucky if he doesn't dribble as he is trying to get it out.

So, I didn't know training number two would mean rewarding both children. And wow is that bathroom small with all three of us in there. :)

I am exhausted, so tootleloo for now.
From camp "two for poo,"


thePiks said...

If only they just realized how gross it was to pee or poo on themselves... our lives would be so much easier!

Jenny said...

Sounds like good times over there, Sheree. I hope things continued to go well today with the training!!