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24 February 2009

A feel a change coming on

Yep, cheesy - but I am posting - so this is a change; I added some gadgets - therefore more change. Ha.

Well - can't say much because this computer is on its way out of life (battery is dying). Enjoyed a wonderful trip to Disney this weekend with my sweet husband - sans kiddos. It was marvelous to be just a couple again - although we did miss those babes greatly. The best part was knowing it was just a vacation - much needed.

We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, then walked the expensive Millenia Mall (even had security guards within stores - such as Tiffany's). Saturday we went to the Magic Kingdom where we rode Space Mountain (I am not a rollercoaster lover, but I did it). Saturday night we ate at O'Hanas (which is at the Polynesian Resort). To say it was delicious is an understatement. I insist you go when you visit Disney. That was our second time and we will go back. Sunday we drove home. It was a splendid time. No pictures though - just good memories.

The kids went to two Mardi Gras parades, stayed up very late, and I am sure ate lots of junk. They were happy to see us though - Riley was attached the night we returned.

I thank God for my wonderful husband who planned this great belated Valentine's weekend for me, and for wonderful in-laws who would care for our children in such a way that we could relax knowing they were doing just fine without us.

Life is good - and the memory will be special always.

We have decided that our weekend away without kids will be an annual event from now on. If you haven't tried it - do it soon.

Until the memory works again - I'll put my mind to rest.

05 February 2009

Lazy, Lazier, Laziest

We tried on our hats and then took a family drive in them. It was a wildly entertaining and freeing evening.

Icicles in Florida - the homemade kind of course. Thanks, Daddy. We did them again last night but I am too lazy to download those pics. Maybe later.
Riley just got her ballet outfit. She was practicing before practice. Only thirty minutes later and the knees were both stained with grass, then pavement and blood. I haven't been able to get the stains out. Just like an almost three year old.

Thought I'd update some pics and list my most recent meals. Just to note - I stayed in my pj's until 3:00 today and only changed so my husband wouldn't freak. :) Loved every minute of it. Caleb never changed. It was a rare, yummy, cozy day at home.

Red Beans and brown rice with low sodium turkey sausage, wheat yeast rolls (Caleb eats this about every other time I make it, the other nights he just doesn't eat; both pick out the sausage and sometimes the rice.

Nacho salad made with multigrain chips, ground turkey ground meat, spinach lettuce; guacomole, tomato, black beans, and light sour cream. Kids avoid most except for meat and cheese.

Peas, Mashed potatoes, and grilled steaks (thin)

Now my mind blanks, but those are a few recent ones - I'll post more later. Nacho salads are my favorite and have so many redeeming qualities.