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03 August 2008

So sorry . . .

I'm so sorry that I haven't been faithful to my blog. I don't think I have many readers, but I love reading Jenny's and Amanda's, so I'll update a bit. We have done so much since that June entry that I couldn't catch up, so I'll write just a few more current items and try to include pics.

We successfully threw a 40th anniversary party for my in-laws.

Bryan and I will celebrate 10 years on Friday, Aug. 8. He will celebrate 34 years of life on the 6th. Big week.

I sewed a dress! Enough said.

We raised a catepillar until we released it as a butterfly. Actually, we lost our first catepillar (he escaped); but we successfully raised the second one. Thanks Corrie for giving us another one.

We are still working on potty-training; going well. Tonight Riley went to sleep without a pacifier (don't know how it will go in the middle of the night when she wakes, but it's a start).

My grandmother was in ICU, and is now out. Please pray for salvation, as she has made it clear that she is okay with dying soon. I'm not so okay with that because I know what happens next. She doesn't believe in heaven or hell as such, just heaven or the next place, I guess.

School begins in two weeks and I have a great assistant whom I am excited to be working with.

I'm now on Facebook, so look me up if you are too. I can't keep up with that either, so don't worry. :)

Funny notes: Caleb has decided to focus on "service" and "slavery" lately. He says that he wants me to serve him or he'll serve us; other times he asks, "What am I, your slave?" Cracks me up.

He and Riley also learned the Ten Commandments. Later in the week we were looking at an old photo album. There was a picture of me with an ex-boyfriend. He didn't say anything then. But later, so innocently, he says, "Mommy, adultery means you only hold daddy's hand, right?" I say, "Yes, baby, God only wants you to hold hands and kiss your husband or wife." He then says, "But I saw you holding hands with another man in that picture." I had to explain that was before I ever knew daddy, and so now I only hold daddy's hands,etc. (Just a question - is it weird for me to have that picture around?)

Riley now grabs anything and runs and throws it behind her bookcase to "hide" it. She actually cheered for me in a public restroom for going potty, saying it "makes me so happy." (These are always my words for her). She was singing one day, "Oh where, oh where could my pacifier be? Oh where, oh where could it be?" (Oh, where, oh, where could that little dog be?) Very creative, I thought. Also, we found the pacifier in the VCR (later we also found a DVD and a wooden peg). And yes, it still works.

One last note about the pics. We bought sparklers. Bad idea for a 2 year old. Riley has burned her hand twice in her life already (iron once - really bad; and a lamp - bad, but not as bad as iron.) Now, she has been burned three times - sparkler. It was burned out and she took off running from us - before we could get it she grabbed the other end. Not so bad this time, but still a burn. That girl . . .

Enough rambling - I've gone on too long, so I'll add some pics now and be done.
Have a great week (or more likely, month :) Sorry about the lack of grammatical correctness, it's late and I don't really care right now - I'm just trying to spill the beans. LOL


Jenny said...

So nice to FINALLY get a post from you! You know I'm kidding! ;) I love all the pics. I'm working on a new dress for Ella. I'll post pics of it on my blog later. Hope to see you this week!

Amanda said...

Where do you find the time to sew??? So glad to hear about what's going on. Your kids are funny! Coleman is into the "just teasing" phase. What did we do before them?

thePiks said...

Praying you guys are ok! Did Fay go right over you?

thePiks said...

It's like we're going back and forth praying for each other with these hurricanes! Sorry I'm too lazy to send an email. I just leave comments on here. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!