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22 June 2008

Done and looking forward to the weekend.

Hallelujah, five-squared in an operatic tone. :)I'm done grading until fall - although I am so thankful for the job, and I do enjoy it for the most part - it is time consuming and tiring. Not to mention, we had ceramic tile installed and it took longer than expected. Then Bryan decided to paint the closest before we put everything back in, so my house was a DISASTER for two weeks. I couldn't stand it anymore. Finally, it is back to normal. The kids have been a true test of patience; however, now that I think about it objectively - if I've felt so out of control and chaotic and busy, they must have too. I pray, yes, I pray that they improve quickly. The good thing is, I leave Friday for a girl's weekend in Atlanta. Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, and Pamela ?Shriver? here we come. I can't wait. But, don't let me get ahead of myself. This week is VBS - yes Outrigger Island. I am a wimp this year and begged for the snack and floater position, thankfully, because I've been so busy I might have gone crazy otherwise. Well, going to rest now - I will try to update sooner than later. Chow (I'm watching some Italian show).

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Amanda said...

So sorry I didn't respond earlier. I could have told you you're going to hear Priscilla Shirer. I'm doing her Bible study "He Speaks to Me" now. Hope VBS was a success and you floated well! Have a great weekend in Atlanta! (I'm signed in under a different account, but it's Amanda Pik)