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20 December 2007

Confessions of this random thinker . . .

Merry Christmas everyone.

School is officially out for Christmas break, and most of my gifts are wrapped with care and placed on the dining room floor. I hate to sort presents for taking different places, so only ours for Christmas morning are under the tree, the rest are cluttering my dining room. Good thing we don't eat in there often.

Thanks to all of those who have given gifts this year, and those who have sent pictures (cards). I so look forward to checking the mail everyday to see your beautiful faces. I just wish you all would put yourselves on the pics with your kiddos. I like to see you too, believe it or not. :)

Well, I have been tagged. I have to share five tidbits (unknown facts) about myself. This is difficult. I have been thinking about this for a while and haven't come up with anything remarkable. So, I will just type away and see what comes out.

1. I am a Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Dollar General junky. (I love to browse and shop these store.)

2. I think cleaning is overrated, and don't do much of it. (Don't give my house the white glove test, I will fail miserably - but it isn't usually cluttered or messy.)

3. I just discovered my love for pink this year (2007 was eye opening for me - I've despised pink for many years).

4. I have no decorating (or in-style dressing) sense whatsoever and it is becoming more and more apparent everyday.

5. I love books and have many and love to browse bookstores, but don't really read much (except the Yada Yada Prayer Group series.) I love the idea of books and the way they look and smell, but that's the extent of my relationship with most of them these days.

Well, that was freeing. Thank you. Now, Jenny and Cheryl, you are both tagged.

14 December 2007

Catch up

Well, just in time for Christmas. Things have been busy, but mostly good around our house. I happen to be sick today, but just a severe head cold, so I am thankful that it isn't something else. Both children are well, thankfully.
It has been since early November, I think, since I have written. We have gone celebrated Thanksgiving, gone on vacation, shopped on Black Friday, completed Christmas cards, decorated the house for Christmas, cleaned out room for Christmas gifts-to-come, attended a cookie swap, enjoyed a Christmas party, played the role of Joseph in the live nativity (Caleb), and tried to keep up with our normal, day-to-day routines. Yikes.
A couple of humorous incidents to note. Caleb insisted on seeing Santa Claus, and Riley insisted on not. As we approached Santa, Riley began having what I would consider somewhat of a panic attack with crying and screeching combined. So, Caleb was a bit nervous at that point. Here I am shoving Caleb towards Santa while trying to keep Riley as far away as possible. Caleb spews out that he wants a bike. As soon as Santa indicates that he heard the request, we were done and on our way. No pictures to prove it though. When we got into the car, Caleb leaned back in his seat with his arms folded behind his head and let out a sigh of relief, as if saying, "Now, that's done, I can relax and wait for my bike. " Riley began breathing normally again. When we mention Santa, she frowns and says, "No Santa."
Secondly, Riley initiated Caleb in what it is like to scram from the tub because of a poop accident. He was surprised to know that he did the same thing a couple of times. I am in Riley's room when I hear, "Uh oh, poop." (from Riley). I knew to go running. I pulled both out in about 5 seconds flat. She finished on the potty. Big girl she is, too big for mommy. I am not quite ready for potty training, but she might be. Yuck.

Well, because I am now working online, I just uploaded some pics and will let you figure out the rest. Hope you enjoy.

09 November 2007

Not so random thoughts . . .

Well, it has been eons since I last wrote anything. Not because I haven’t wanted to, but because I haven’t sat down to do it. I have been preoccupied. First it was grading, then Caleb’s surgery, Halloween, then flu shots, Caleb’s fourth birthday and family in town. Not to mention I have a new hobby and have been reading a great series of books. I am into digital scrapbooking and I am reading the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. Both are a lot of fun, and very relaxing to me. All of this on top of cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids and preschool teaching. Oh, then there is Bryan. J And, I am grading again, as of Thursday. Ta dah . . . Lord, help me to put you first in all of this.

Today I went to our church’s Mom2Mom ministry luncheon. Our pastor’s wife, Liz Traylor, is doing a series based on the verse in Titus which says something like: older women should teach younger women to love their husbands, love their children, take care of their homes and live a modest, pure life . . . She started at the last meeting with loving God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. Today was on loving our husbands. She is really great; down to earth and honest about real life. Her first point was, “You chose him, so remember why – then tell him.”

Secondly, he is “Wild at heart” (from the book by John Eldridge ?). He needs a battle to fight and a princess to rescue and an adventure to live. So let him and help him be the man God created him to be.

Thirdly, figure out his personality and yours and help him and yourself build strengths and recognize weaknesses; and don’t let strengths become weaknesses because they are overdone. Also, figure out one another’s love language. (Gary Chapman and Gary Smalley)

Fourthly, recognize the needs of men and women and meet them. (Willard Harley) Guys needs sexual fulfillment, recreational companionship, domestic support, an attractive spouse, and adoration and respect. Women need conversation, affection, financial support, family commitment, and I forget the last one (my notes are still in the car).

And, here are some tidbits: if the baby is crying when he gets home. Put that baby down. He won’t die, he has been crying all day and wouldn’t stop, why will he now? Let your husband know he is a priority in your life. Then let him rest a few before asking for him to help out – he’s been working hard too.

If you don’t feel like kissing him, getting into bed with him, whatever; ask the Holy Spirit to step up and do it for you. God cares even about these things. Just do it.

Simplify, simplify – wear an outfit twice or more before washing; stick to your routine, no need to follow the fads every year - and scrapbooking . . .your kids will not appreciate your work, just organize and label the pics (save yourself lots of time) (okay maybe, I don’t agree with everything. J

And family devotions – no where in the Bible specifically. Instead, it says as you go, as you lie down, etc. God should be in everything you do, not fifteen minutes of forcing your children to sit still and listen.

And she showed us several ads that are representative of the times and things we are being falsely taught.
- a watch ad that says the only thing easier to break than cold ice is a man’s ego (something like that)
- the fact that Shrek 3 has all the princesses (Cinderella , Snow White . .. standing in battle formations as if they are stronger than the men
- Everybody Loves Raymond - in which the wife says some of the most demeaning things to her husband and has forced him to be weak.
- Ads for labels, t-shirst, key chains, etc. that lift us up as selfish divas who need to be served.

I could go on and on. I wish I could have recorded her and let you all listen in. She is wonderfully wise, but she’ll admit it is from the many mistakes she has made throughout her marriage and life. I look forward to her comments on children in January. Maybe you could all travel to Pensacola to hear her. It is a great time.

Enough for you to dwell on.

15 October 2007

Farm time

Saturday we took a drive over to a farm in Alabama, with friends. Both kids loved it immensely. Caleb loved the freedom to roam about and feed the animals. Riley loved talking to the animals. She sounded like many of them. I got some really cute pics and wanted to share them with you all. We rode a pony, went on a hayride to get a pumpkin from the patch, and fed many animals.

Enjoy the fall weather . . . we are.

Keep us in your prayers too – Caleb is having surgery to be circumcised on Friday. At 9 AM he will be under anesthesia for an hour. Then lots of recovery for Caleb and patience for mom and dad through the unknown. We didn’t make the decision when he was a baby, and wanted to make it now before he is much older. Hopefully he'll forgive us. :(

Until later,


11 October 2007

Smiling times . . .

I don’t have much time to write, as I started online grading today. So – needless to say, almost every quiet, spare moment I have has to be spent reading essays online. But, I had to share this, even though Bryan said, “That doesn’t go on your blog!”

Caleb checked out a dinosaur library book, ABC Dinosaurs. At the bottom of each page is the pronunciation. As I read it at naptime, I pronounced each as best I could, and never corrected myself. (We all know how difficult dinosaur names can be.) The goal was to get through all 26 dinosaurs and get him to sleep, as we had to be asleep then up and out to church in 2.5 hours.

Reading at bedtime has always been my responsibility and privilege. I often joke with Bryan that Caleb doesn’t think daddies know how to read because Bryan doesn’t ever read to him.

Well, last night I volunteered Bryan to read the dinosaur book before bed. As I came in and lay next to them, Bryan was trying to pronounce one of the names. Caleb grabbed the book and handed it to me saying, “Mommy, could you teach Daddy to read this.”

I thought I would burst something laughing so hard. It was priceless.

So as not to leave Riley out, she is mimicking everything Caleb does these days. It is hilarious sometimes. The other day as we were getting ready to go somewhere, Bryan and I watched her walk up to the toilet, begin to lift the lid as she lifted her shirt to mock Caleb going pee pee. Of course, we tried to explain that she was a girl and didn’t go that way. But, really, we were laughing too hard.

Smile and look for the humor God blesses us with,

07 October 2007

Well, my sister's wedding was successful: they are married. Caleb did a hundred percent better than we could have imagined - he even pulled Megan down the aisle. He smiled for pictures and then danced the night away. We had a fun time.

I know I could think of a hundred more things to write, but my two darling children have been a little rambunctious this afternoon. While doped up on cold medicine, I could hardly keep up with them. Caleb is doing his best to question every decision we make for him and test us at every turn. Didn't I just write about this not too long ago? Lord help us.

Riley had a lot of good moments today. She is trying to repeat everything she hears. Caleb will be chanting something, then you'll here Riley right after him in her version. It really is very cute. She also has a special thing for the scarecrow. They are exactly the same height; and their lips meet quite often. She danced with him today, then threw him down. I hope this isn't a foreshadowing of days to come . . . sixteen.

Oh, and at the wedding reception, she was holding her ears during some rap song, yes, I said rap song. Then she ran onto the dance floor and began to dance to it. We were laughing. It was one of those teenage moments - when they say, "Mom and Dad, I'd never do that!" Then they run off and do it. Lord, again, please help us.

Bryan and I keep wondering if we'll ever figure out how to do this parenting thing. I think not. Someone once said we had to have days like this, or we would never want them to leave. I know it is early and all, but boy was today a day to remember when empty-nest syndrome sets in. This ought to cure those feelings.

Anyway, I have really rambled here, but hey - I am updating. yea!!

Until next time,

11 September 2007

random thoughts from the random thinker's son

This was our conversation in the car this afternoon:

Caleb - Do I have soccer practice today?
Mom - No

Caleb - When will it snow?
Mom - Probably not for a very long time?

Caleb - When am I getting married?
Mom - Hopefully not for a very long time?

Mom - Wow, look at that truck. . .

Seriously, I am not sure where the snow question came from. The wedding question comes from the fact that he was fitted for his tux on Saturday (for my sister's wedding). I think he wonders when the wedding will be. Just an odd combination while riding in the car. From silence to marriage in 3.3 seconds - only from a three year old.

Have a great night.

after the fact

Well, the pictures obviously didn't work the first time; but this time yes. I am just learning - be patient.

Trying something new

I thought I'd play around and see if I could put in a couple of pictures. We'll see.

After a tough weekend, I thought I'd ask Caleb's preschool teachers how he is doing behaviorally in school. Boy lunch. He is always making everyone laugh - apparently even the teachers.

Yesterday, they informed me, he tooted and everyone thougth it was hilarious, so he played it up. We have discussed the phrase, "Excuse me" many times. But, obviously, he thinks a laugh is better.

He also has been banned from playing with the ski mask in the dress-up area. Apparently he likes to pull it down and scare his friends. (I sure hope this thrill ends in early childhood and doesn't follow him into adulthood)

Well, that was enough news. He has been better behaved since then. Now his sister on the other hand . . . well, let's just say she has a growing passion for fingerpainting with food (not good timing as we are attempting to wean from the high chair).

Just a few notes on the pictures: Riley and Caleb at MeMe Glazier's house; Riley in the dog's cage (Riley's favorite place to be); Caleb at his first soccer practice; and Riley and Caleb on the first day of school (no, Mom, didn't work long on the hair).

until later,

09 September 2007

Lessons from the elder

Well, today has been a challenging day. Caleb has run the gammet when it comes to baffling his parents. One well-educated Mental Health Counselor and one well-educated stay-at-home mom have nothing on their brilliant four-year-old product.

Today he has manipulated us, lied to us, and disobeyed almost all one hundred instructions we've given him. After many time-outs, several mild tough loves, and all of his trucks being removed from his premises - he still didn't have the encouragement to listen.

He went to bed with no books or pretend stories, but a Mom, Dad, and Caleb heart to heart.

We'll see if tomorrow brings more - or if today was a mini-lesson in parenting from our Father above.

I have prayed for wisdom and help today - many times. Oh what a journey we have begun; I guess we'll look back in fifteen years or so and be able to tell if God answered in the affirmative. Until then, we press on . . .

The mentally exhausted,

08 September 2007

Back with disappointment

Well, Caleb wouldn't even go out for one play today. We were trying to figure out why and all we can get from him is "The other team mixed things up." And, "I don't like it when the people cheer."

We have tried our best to explain it, but he is happy just dressing in his bright yellow uniform, with those hot socks and shin guards, then sitting and watching his team. His favorite part is the team huddle at the end and snack. Maybe we have the original "Waterboy." I am from Louisiana.

Interesting to note - Riley (with mom chasing her) ran onto the field more times than Caleb - maybe we should dress her in yellow and see if anyone complains.

Well, we were all exhausted (some of us mentally) and both kids went down early for naps. Hooray!!

Hopefully he'll play at practice on Thursday. Maybe we'll skips games and just go to practices. :)

Until next time,

07 September 2007

Nothing short of a miracle - a timely update

Two days in a row; nothing short of a miracle. No really, Linde, you said you read and responded, so that encouraged me to read your response - which led me to update.


Well, nothing too funny today. I am teaching at FBC Preschool - young two's (they are about to turn 2). I am worn out at the end of the school day.

I really hope to update after the game tomorrow; I am sure it will be exciting. Until then, I won't waste your time.

Search on . . .


06 September 2007

every attempt counts

Well, it's another Thursday, and again, I am inspired. This time by Theresa. Go Saints! They were winning just a few minutes ago.

Believe it or not, when I get ready to blog, I have to do a forgot password, everytime. I am either so ditzy these days, or forgetful, or just not too smart. Could I remember to just write the password down? No, that would be too easy.

Well, today was Caleb's first soccer game. Maybe I'll attempt pictures soon. He played all of about one minute, then refused to go back onto the field. Scared of all the cheering. I had to remind myself not to live vicariously through him; and just accept that he can make that choice. We'll see how the second game goes, on Saturday. For now, the "Flash" are 0 and 1.

By the way, there were only two kids who wholeheartedly participated on his team. The rest were in their own little safe worlds. Funny how kids are. Or should I say, funny how adults are, always trying to force kids to be adults.

Well, enough ramblings.

Until next month, or Christmas :)

26 July 2007

Prayer works

Well, I am inspired to attempt this endeavor one more time. No, I still don't feel that I have more time, but a little info shared is better than none at all.

Maybe I'll just try to put up one funny story a day.

Today, I took the kids for a walk; well, Caleb rode his bike while I pulled Riley in the wagon. After returning, I was hot and tired, so I sat down on my swing in the backyard. Caleb, still buzzing about with activity, wanted me to push him on his swing. When I told him I was too tired and needed to rest a moment, he proceeded to pout. Then, within seconds, he took his beach ball and walked over to the fence. Sitting on the ball against the fence, he started mumbling. When I asked him what he was doing, he responded, "I'm talking to God. I'm telling Him that I am mad at you." He continued, "And I'm asking Him to make me Spiderman and Superman."

I started chuckling and asked if he was ready for me to push him on his swing.

Prayer works.

Well, until next time, pray and laugh.


28 April 2007

first time blogging

I thought it'd be fun to try this blog stuff, being that I have seemingly wasted time as I lie on my three year old's floor waiting for him to decide to close his eyes and remain still and quiet long enough to fall asleep. I guess it isn't really wasted: sometimes I read, search the web, catch up on emails, etc.

I don't know how people write such intellectual stuff and keep it grammatically correct when they blog each day. I guess I don't have that much spare time to type, or I use it differently maybe.

Perhaps one day this thing will go deeper than these surface ideas. I suppose I could start with my experiences this weekend at the Extraordinary Women's Conference. I had a wonderfully freeing experience. I came to some realizations, thanks to my Living God. I will share them soon.

For tonight, I'm done. No, he still isn't asleep and it is now almost 10 pm; however, I am going to try to figure out how this works when I finish typing.

Until next time, me