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02 April 2008

Second day is better than the first day . . . and the third day

Well, yesterday afternoon and evening seemed like a miracle. Riley was sitting at her table in the kitchen, while Bryan and I were each in different rooms. Suddenly, I hear, "Mommy." I then find Riley sitting on her potty chair. On her own initiative, without an accident, she had gone to the bathroom, pulled down her panties and gone poo and pee. I was ecstatic. So, feeling so brave, we took her out to dinner in panties. It was a very slow night at the restaurant, so not to worry. We went to the potty four times. She actually used it twice, the other two were just for fun (it became a game, but being so new at it, I couldn't call her bluff).

However, today is a new day. We have now pooped and peed in panties several times. Still no accidents on carpet, but quite a disappointment after yesterday's success. Actually, she hasn't gone on the potty once today, but I am persevering with yesterday in mind. Today is Wednesday. We return to school on Monday, so we still have time.

Now, to the give the other child his fair share of blog space. Last night I was sitting on the couch working while Bryan sat at the bar working, when I thought I saw a kid walk across the hallway. So, I paused and asked Bryan if he saw someone. A second later, Riley's light came on, then went off, came on, then went off. Now, she can't reach the light without a stool, and I knew I didnt' hear any commotion. So, Bryan darted into the hallway and guided a still asleep Caleb back to his bed. That was our first experience with sleep walking. I am just glad we have a house alarm in case he decides to take his adventure outside one of these nights. I told him about it today, and he thought that was very funny (but of course said he can't remember).

Guess I'll fill you in tomorrow on how it goes this evening. Evenings seem to have gone much better than mornings on both days.

Off to do more laundry (the bathroom rug did get hit today :)

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