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31 March 2008


Well, today is one of those days you look back on and think either, "Wow, what in the world was I thinking?" or "Wow, so glad I jumped right into that one."

I officially began potty training Riley today. I was all set to wait until summer when I awoke this morning and thought, "Let's go for it." (We are on Spring Break)Well, by 11AM, I just about gave up. Then she so heavenly wandered into her room and took a nap (Yes, all by herself without any prodding or even knowledge by her mother). So, after nap, we jumped right in again. By the evening, she had realized that panties and the toilet go together and that panties should stay dry. She also went several times this afternoon without an accident. Throughout the day, she ran to the bathroom once on her own (yes, that was a big deal - and although she didn't quite make it, we cheered anyway). Many, many, many other times, she would tell me as she peed that she needed to go potty. But, I considered that good recognition on her part that something wasn't going right. We would dart into the bathroom, leaving wet nasty feet prints all through house. Yes, thank God for laminate flooring, no carpet accidents today.

I must say as proud as I am of her, I am so proud of myself. Not once did I whine, yell, cry, or grumble. I maintained a positive attitude throughout, other than the momentary willingness to quit until summer.

So, day one is over . . . I hope day two brings much success. We are going to go to venture out to a movie and Wal=Mart (planned before potty training entered the picture), but we will make it I am sure (pull up to the rescue probably). I really think she understands the difference.

By the way, I didn't realize how well Caleb would take to potty training. Maybe I should have waited until he was 4 1/2 to train him. He has peed and pooped no less than 10 times today because the candy dispenser is in the bathroom. One for pee, and "two for poo." And he hasn't forgotten once to claim his reward. Once I even told him not right now, because he had just gone, and he actually cried like a broken hearted baby because he said, "But, I went pee pee." The boy usually avoids the bathroom until he has to sprint into it lucky if he doesn't dribble as he is trying to get it out.

So, I didn't know training number two would mean rewarding both children. And wow is that bathroom small with all three of us in there. :)

I am exhausted, so tootleloo for now.
From camp "two for poo,"

18 March 2008

pics from the bug scene

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I love bugs . . . not!!

Spring time seems to have arrived; it actually felt a bit like summer. We stayed home all day and played outside. Here is the funny glimpse into the afternoon/evening.

I was spring cleaning and found Caleb's bug collector case and magnifying glass. That set into motion inspector Caleb and sidekick Riley. They began searching for bugs. It was so sweet how gentle he was being with them; Riley was very excited and grossed out at once. She didn't know whether to like bugs or not. We looked up what they eat, etc. Then I went out to take pictures because he had three beetles in his bug collector's thingamabob; but to my surprise, they were all dead on the patio. He said, "I stomped on them with my shoe."

I was a little deflated that my sweet, innocent little caring and compassionate boy who was watching over these bugs had had a change of heart in just an instant. So, I did what all good moms do, I made him fake a picture with one, then I took a picture of him with the dead bugs gathered together.

Funniest part, Riley stomped them barefooted. How disgusting. Yuck.

Well, bug collecting is over for now. We'll see if they continue on Thursday (we'll be too busy tomorrow).

I'll add more later about Easter, egg hunts, and worship.

Have a great week.

12 March 2008

They really are sweet . . .

I am here; nothing too interesting. Caleb had his second classroom timeout ever. The first was last year early on; so this is the first for this year (and it's March). He was wrestling; so I guess I should be thankful it was in fun and not too serious. But, we had to have a little talk. I hope I remember to thank him when he wakes up for being such a good kid. I have to remind myself of that; he really is well behaved most of the time.

Riley only had timeout once today, that is unusual for her - it's more like two or three each day for her. I know that will change when she is a bit older - like three. She was so sweet when we got home; she kept kissing me and hugging me. She likes for me to kiss her neck and tickle her. She'll say "stop it!" Then she'll say, "Again!" We just laughed and laughed; although she should have been sleeping.

Please pray for our friends mom; Ms. Elaine. She will have surgery Tuesday for uterine cancer. She is a great woman and has had a very positive, Godly, influence in both Bryan's and my lives. She would never complain; so pray that she is comforted and will speak up as to what she needs - physically, spiritually, and financially. Her husband is on disability due to cancer also. She has been working a very physically taxing job so obviously she won't be able to any longer. Thanks for remembering to lift up her and her family.

I'll keep you updated.

08 March 2008

Trying . . . and trying

Trying seems to be my theme for today.

I am Trying to be more faithful at updating more regularly.

I tried to make several returns this morning: the first one, a big purchase, my second time trying: my card expired 2/29; therefore, I didn't succeed. My second return, a minor item, the receipt expired yesterday: I repeat, yesterday; therefore, I didn't succeed. (Don't get me started on receipts expiring).

Thirdly, my day has been trying (and tiring). It started out fine; a morning with the family. After the first two unsuccessful tries which nearly had me in tears already, Riley said, "Uh, oh, I have ewwww." (while in JCPenny). I pick her up to carry her out (the diaper bag was in the car because my return was supposed to be quick), she has peed. Normally, that'd be fine. But her daddy, my darling husband, failed to mention he put panties on her this morning while I was in the shower. So, my shirt got dampened.

I have no extra clothes in her bag (because I take them out for school since she has extra there and I forgot to reload this morning before going out). So, we go upstairs to get new pants. We finally get to the car; Bryan had tried to hold her sideways, but the pee escaped onto his shirt sleeve. As I'm changing her, we realize her socks and shoes are soaked. So, we head to Target for new shoes, socks, and shirt for dad. (We had lunch plans with other family in 30 mins. and mine dried by this time - I know - yuck - but we had already been on a shopping spree for enough family members).

Trying to eat lunch at 12:30 with a two year old who normally naps at 12:30 and a four year old who likes to visit restrooms at restaurants isn't very easy or much fun.

I get home to try to activate my new card to call and make my large purchase return, and the company's automated line is having technical difficulties; so a 2 minute task takes 15. Now I am venting.

We will look back and laugh. We will, won't we????

(chuckle) - - now off to lie in my bed while the kids nap to try to think about trying to make wiser decisions and trying not procrastinating.

Good day . . . or at least I'll try . :)

I really am okay!!

06 March 2008

Wow - has it been two months?

Okay, it's been since Jan. 1 since I've written anything? I am shocked myself. I have avoided it out of pure laziness. But, I thought I'd actually update a bit. This will never cover the two months I have not posted, but I'll try.

Riley turned 2. I think that about does it. I guess I'll write more later.

Just kidding, but the fact that she really is two now speaks for itself. There isn't a dull moment in the house. Sibling rivalry is completely under way; the "spanky spoon" has become mom's greatest ally (the threat alone suffices). But, through it all, we have had some very cute and sweet moments - I couldn't love them more. I have been thanking God often lately for the moments with them. The baby days are more behind us (although each has his/her moments), and the joys of childhood are blooming every day.

Riley poops and pees in the potty when she chooses, and other times she just pulls the pants and diaper off and covers the floor/carpet, etc. I am not going to push potty training until summer arrives, then it's "diaper be gone." She is definitely smart enough to get it, but stubborn enough to demand the diaper. I am sure I will need to pray and fast throughout the spring in preparation.

Caleb is sweeter than ever, yet sassier than ever. When he tries, he is so helpful and such a big boy: very independent at times. When he tries, he is needy and whiny and can talk back as well I as can (take the hint, I see myself in him way too often). He has great questions. We were reading his Bible, where Jesus was praying in the garden. Caleb stops me and says: "So, He is talking to himself." I say, "Well, He is talking to God." He replies, "Well, if Jesus is God, then He is talking to himself." I say, "Bryan!!! Can you come in here for a minute?" We try to explain it to him, but in the end we leave it as, "Well, yes, technically He is talking to Himself." How do you explain the trinity to a four year old? If these are the questions at four, Lord, help us in the future. Know what I mean?

Well, that gives you a glimpse into my life. It is sooooo very tiring . . . yet, so very sweet.

I am sure I will look back one day in envy of these simpler times. For now, I'll just look forward to falling in bed at night to a few hours of quiet. :) I am all smiles.

Hopefully I will make myself write more often, although they'll probably be shorter.

goodnight . . .