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01 November 2008

I'm back

Our first pumpkin carving went well.

Riley smacked her head again - she really is a blonde, and two.

This is a forced smile - "Mom made me or I would be in big trouble."

This was the original pose - not really liked by Mom.

I love hot chocolate or "cocoa." And the spiderman cup was new to me, because I forgot I got it last year. Go, Mom!

Caleb is grumpy after a forced nap - notice the number of "forcings" going on at nearly five.

We fellowshipped and went trick-or-treating with friends last night. Thanks Jennie for inviting us. I forgot the camera, however. But, I did take some pics last weekend at our church's fall festival. Caleb was a pilot and Riley, a cheerleader. Caleb wanted to be Darth Vader badly, but I just wouldn't allow it this year. He finally asked, "Can I pretend to be Darth Vader in my pilot costume?" I said sure. He didn't though. Riley wanted to be a princess, so I told her she was a princess cheerleader, it worked. I guess next year I'll have to give in and let them pick. I just so happened found their costumes on clearance several months ago at our party store - so Mom won this year.

We had a pirate dress up day for MOPS; Riley is not a pirate, but a princess - so she didn't participate.

We had Hay Day at school - thus the cowboy/cowgirl pics.

Finally, the cold weather is wonderful. Caleb loves hot chocolate or as he calls it hot cocoa (and he corrects me often). Riley just likes the marshmellows. And, we carved our first pumpkins. We even roasted the seeds. Riley and I liked them, Caleb and Bryan not so much. Fun times.

Well, hope you have a great Lord's day tomorrow - and don't forget to change those clocks. I am sure we'll be up at 5:00 AM. Good night, now, I'd better get to bed early. LOL.

I tried to figure out the captions; I'll keep practicing. Thanks, Amanda.

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