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23 April 2008

Just updating, nothing profound

Just an update; I am kind of tired, so I won't be typing long, or correctly. Riley is still doing well with potty training. She has things backwards: she holds in when she is wearing a pull up and pees everywhere in panties. Maybe she just likes to see me cleaning. Who knows. We traveled to Baton Rouge this weekend for my mom's 50th birthday and my neice, Kylee's, first birthday. We had fun. Bryan has been in Atlanta, so I decided to stay an extra night in BR. This weekend is the women's conference, I am really excited. We've had a busy couple of weeks at school and the busyness won't end for another week or two. Then we are just about done, so I am wiped out.

Well, just wanted to update. Kids are napping, so I better go do some work. I'll write something more profound another day. Until then, my thought for the day (really a Bible thought). Every time you begin to worry, pray. So, don't worry, pray. Then rest in His promises.

Love ya, sheree

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