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04 April 2008

Going well . . . only time will tell

Going well for sure, but the "only time will tell," that was intended only for rhyming sake.

Thursday we ventured out to the school for a little while for mom to get ahead on some work. Then we ventured on over to Chick-Fil-A. Riley did excellent. No accidents until yesterday evening at grandma's house, after I had called my mom to brag and bragged to Bryan's parents. That's likely right?

Today she has done great. We went to the library and she went potty there. So, I feel good about her progress. I am sure we are not in the clear for a long time, but I am happy about our work. Next week will be a big test as we go back to school. I am not sure what will happen then, but I'll let you know.

Well, we are hoping to have a garage sale tomorrow, if the weather cooperates. So, until later . . . much labeling to do.


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