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07 May 2008

Uninspired entry (aka, couldn't think of a title)

So, today I stayed home with Riley. It was a nice change. Of course, she was sick and took two naps before lunch, with lots of lazy time in between, so it is no indication of a normal day at home. It's over though, in case you were wondering. We picked Caleb up from school; Riley took another short nap, but no such luck for Caleb. He isn't interested today. When he figured out that we wouldn't be going to church tonight, any chance of a nap was out the window. He always asks if we are "going anywhere tonight?" If we are, he'll nap without much debate; but if we are not, the battle begins. And let me add, that boy is talented. I can lie with him for an hour and he will not fall asleep. I, usually, okay always, do. But when I awake, he is sure to let me know he hasn't and won't be going to sleep. So, I give up. As long as he gives in on days when we have to go out in the evenings, I guess I'm okay. Who am I kidding? I really don't have much of a choice now do I? :)

Well, grading begins tomorrow, so chaos will ensue. My laptop battery is dead, so that is sure to be a challenge - what did I do before the laptop anyway? I am so spoiled by carrying it around while I grade: I can sit in Caleb's room while they play or try to nap (yeah right, as I mentioned above). I can sit outside while they play, but starting tomorrow, the challenge begins. I do enjoy grading, but the logistics are always a challenge: concentrating and getting in a certain number of hours with two children is difficult.

School is wrapping up: we are finished with all major programs, downhill slide if I may.

Spring is heating up to summer, and with gas prices what they are I guess I better get used to a dirty floor. We'll be in the sprinkler a lot this summer ( the back door opens to the living room which is laminate flooring). Every piece of grass, sand (dirt in other states), and dust ends up everywhere.

I am really not complaining, just preparing myself mentally so that I don't have to complain later. :)

Well, it's been fun . . . but the dishes to need to be unloaded and the clothes do need to be put up, oh, then there are the kids who are unsupervised in front of the television.

So, until later . . .

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thePiks said...

Are you teaching again? I was thinking you stayed at home now. I get seriously depressed when I go to get gas now. And oh the joys of napping, or not napping!