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08 September 2007

Back with disappointment

Well, Caleb wouldn't even go out for one play today. We were trying to figure out why and all we can get from him is "The other team mixed things up." And, "I don't like it when the people cheer."

We have tried our best to explain it, but he is happy just dressing in his bright yellow uniform, with those hot socks and shin guards, then sitting and watching his team. His favorite part is the team huddle at the end and snack. Maybe we have the original "Waterboy." I am from Louisiana.

Interesting to note - Riley (with mom chasing her) ran onto the field more times than Caleb - maybe we should dress her in yellow and see if anyone complains.

Well, we were all exhausted (some of us mentally) and both kids went down early for naps. Hooray!!

Hopefully he'll play at practice on Thursday. Maybe we'll skips games and just go to practices. :)

Until next time,

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Amanda said...

That's hilarious Sheree! Aren't kids funny? I can't wait to see what Coleman does when he starts playing sports.