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09 November 2007

Not so random thoughts . . .

Well, it has been eons since I last wrote anything. Not because I haven’t wanted to, but because I haven’t sat down to do it. I have been preoccupied. First it was grading, then Caleb’s surgery, Halloween, then flu shots, Caleb’s fourth birthday and family in town. Not to mention I have a new hobby and have been reading a great series of books. I am into digital scrapbooking and I am reading the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. Both are a lot of fun, and very relaxing to me. All of this on top of cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids and preschool teaching. Oh, then there is Bryan. J And, I am grading again, as of Thursday. Ta dah . . . Lord, help me to put you first in all of this.

Today I went to our church’s Mom2Mom ministry luncheon. Our pastor’s wife, Liz Traylor, is doing a series based on the verse in Titus which says something like: older women should teach younger women to love their husbands, love their children, take care of their homes and live a modest, pure life . . . She started at the last meeting with loving God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. Today was on loving our husbands. She is really great; down to earth and honest about real life. Her first point was, “You chose him, so remember why – then tell him.”

Secondly, he is “Wild at heart” (from the book by John Eldridge ?). He needs a battle to fight and a princess to rescue and an adventure to live. So let him and help him be the man God created him to be.

Thirdly, figure out his personality and yours and help him and yourself build strengths and recognize weaknesses; and don’t let strengths become weaknesses because they are overdone. Also, figure out one another’s love language. (Gary Chapman and Gary Smalley)

Fourthly, recognize the needs of men and women and meet them. (Willard Harley) Guys needs sexual fulfillment, recreational companionship, domestic support, an attractive spouse, and adoration and respect. Women need conversation, affection, financial support, family commitment, and I forget the last one (my notes are still in the car).

And, here are some tidbits: if the baby is crying when he gets home. Put that baby down. He won’t die, he has been crying all day and wouldn’t stop, why will he now? Let your husband know he is a priority in your life. Then let him rest a few before asking for him to help out – he’s been working hard too.

If you don’t feel like kissing him, getting into bed with him, whatever; ask the Holy Spirit to step up and do it for you. God cares even about these things. Just do it.

Simplify, simplify – wear an outfit twice or more before washing; stick to your routine, no need to follow the fads every year - and scrapbooking . . .your kids will not appreciate your work, just organize and label the pics (save yourself lots of time) (okay maybe, I don’t agree with everything. J

And family devotions – no where in the Bible specifically. Instead, it says as you go, as you lie down, etc. God should be in everything you do, not fifteen minutes of forcing your children to sit still and listen.

And she showed us several ads that are representative of the times and things we are being falsely taught.
- a watch ad that says the only thing easier to break than cold ice is a man’s ego (something like that)
- the fact that Shrek 3 has all the princesses (Cinderella , Snow White . .. standing in battle formations as if they are stronger than the men
- Everybody Loves Raymond - in which the wife says some of the most demeaning things to her husband and has forced him to be weak.
- Ads for labels, t-shirst, key chains, etc. that lift us up as selfish divas who need to be served.

I could go on and on. I wish I could have recorded her and let you all listen in. She is wonderfully wise, but she’ll admit it is from the many mistakes she has made throughout her marriage and life. I look forward to her comments on children in January. Maybe you could all travel to Pensacola to hear her. It is a great time.

Enough for you to dwell on.

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thePiks said...

I read this back when you first posted it, but am just now getting around to writing a comment. Awful, huh... Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I always enjoy hearing from you. And anything to help us be better wives, right?