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11 October 2007

Smiling times . . .

I don’t have much time to write, as I started online grading today. So – needless to say, almost every quiet, spare moment I have has to be spent reading essays online. But, I had to share this, even though Bryan said, “That doesn’t go on your blog!”

Caleb checked out a dinosaur library book, ABC Dinosaurs. At the bottom of each page is the pronunciation. As I read it at naptime, I pronounced each as best I could, and never corrected myself. (We all know how difficult dinosaur names can be.) The goal was to get through all 26 dinosaurs and get him to sleep, as we had to be asleep then up and out to church in 2.5 hours.

Reading at bedtime has always been my responsibility and privilege. I often joke with Bryan that Caleb doesn’t think daddies know how to read because Bryan doesn’t ever read to him.

Well, last night I volunteered Bryan to read the dinosaur book before bed. As I came in and lay next to them, Bryan was trying to pronounce one of the names. Caleb grabbed the book and handed it to me saying, “Mommy, could you teach Daddy to read this.”

I thought I would burst something laughing so hard. It was priceless.

So as not to leave Riley out, she is mimicking everything Caleb does these days. It is hilarious sometimes. The other day as we were getting ready to go somewhere, Bryan and I watched her walk up to the toilet, begin to lift the lid as she lifted her shirt to mock Caleb going pee pee. Of course, we tried to explain that she was a girl and didn’t go that way. But, really, we were laughing too hard.

Smile and look for the humor God blesses us with,

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thePiks said...

I miss putting Coleman to bed. Since I still nurse Spence at night Brian reads to Coleman. He usually has some funny sayings to tell me. Last night Coleman had a tummy ache so I did put him to bed, and he said he had to roll over so he didn't mess up his pretty hair! I love what Caleb said! Isn't it great how much they can make us laugh?