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09 September 2007

Lessons from the elder

Well, today has been a challenging day. Caleb has run the gammet when it comes to baffling his parents. One well-educated Mental Health Counselor and one well-educated stay-at-home mom have nothing on their brilliant four-year-old product.

Today he has manipulated us, lied to us, and disobeyed almost all one hundred instructions we've given him. After many time-outs, several mild tough loves, and all of his trucks being removed from his premises - he still didn't have the encouragement to listen.

He went to bed with no books or pretend stories, but a Mom, Dad, and Caleb heart to heart.

We'll see if tomorrow brings more - or if today was a mini-lesson in parenting from our Father above.

I have prayed for wisdom and help today - many times. Oh what a journey we have begun; I guess we'll look back in fifteen years or so and be able to tell if God answered in the affirmative. Until then, we press on . . .

The mentally exhausted,

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