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28 April 2007

first time blogging

I thought it'd be fun to try this blog stuff, being that I have seemingly wasted time as I lie on my three year old's floor waiting for him to decide to close his eyes and remain still and quiet long enough to fall asleep. I guess it isn't really wasted: sometimes I read, search the web, catch up on emails, etc.

I don't know how people write such intellectual stuff and keep it grammatically correct when they blog each day. I guess I don't have that much spare time to type, or I use it differently maybe.

Perhaps one day this thing will go deeper than these surface ideas. I suppose I could start with my experiences this weekend at the Extraordinary Women's Conference. I had a wonderfully freeing experience. I came to some realizations, thanks to my Living God. I will share them soon.

For tonight, I'm done. No, he still isn't asleep and it is now almost 10 pm; however, I am going to try to figure out how this works when I finish typing.

Until next time, me

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