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07 October 2007

Well, my sister's wedding was successful: they are married. Caleb did a hundred percent better than we could have imagined - he even pulled Megan down the aisle. He smiled for pictures and then danced the night away. We had a fun time.

I know I could think of a hundred more things to write, but my two darling children have been a little rambunctious this afternoon. While doped up on cold medicine, I could hardly keep up with them. Caleb is doing his best to question every decision we make for him and test us at every turn. Didn't I just write about this not too long ago? Lord help us.

Riley had a lot of good moments today. She is trying to repeat everything she hears. Caleb will be chanting something, then you'll here Riley right after him in her version. It really is very cute. She also has a special thing for the scarecrow. They are exactly the same height; and their lips meet quite often. She danced with him today, then threw him down. I hope this isn't a foreshadowing of days to come . . . sixteen.

Oh, and at the wedding reception, she was holding her ears during some rap song, yes, I said rap song. Then she ran onto the dance floor and began to dance to it. We were laughing. It was one of those teenage moments - when they say, "Mom and Dad, I'd never do that!" Then they run off and do it. Lord, again, please help us.

Bryan and I keep wondering if we'll ever figure out how to do this parenting thing. I think not. Someone once said we had to have days like this, or we would never want them to leave. I know it is early and all, but boy was today a day to remember when empty-nest syndrome sets in. This ought to cure those feelings.

Anyway, I have really rambled here, but hey - I am updating. yea!!

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thePiks said...

Glad Caleb did a good job in the wedding. Do let us know if you figure out the parenting thing!

Theresa said...

I also want to know if you figure out parenting. My two year old is really testing us.