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15 October 2007

Farm time

Saturday we took a drive over to a farm in Alabama, with friends. Both kids loved it immensely. Caleb loved the freedom to roam about and feed the animals. Riley loved talking to the animals. She sounded like many of them. I got some really cute pics and wanted to share them with you all. We rode a pony, went on a hayride to get a pumpkin from the patch, and fed many animals.

Enjoy the fall weather . . . we are.

Keep us in your prayers too – Caleb is having surgery to be circumcised on Friday. At 9 AM he will be under anesthesia for an hour. Then lots of recovery for Caleb and patience for mom and dad through the unknown. We didn’t make the decision when he was a baby, and wanted to make it now before he is much older. Hopefully he'll forgive us. :(

Until later,


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Jenny said...

Hey Sheree, I love the pics from the farm. I still haven't gone through mine, but maybe I'll post them on my blog when I do. Oh, that reminds me, if you get a chance, here's my main blog: Titanium Woman and a new crafty blog I just started: Scrappy Craps. Hope you'll stop by! I will probably see you in a little while at church, but just wanted to pop in and make my first comment on your blog!! Love, Jenny