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06 September 2007

every attempt counts

Well, it's another Thursday, and again, I am inspired. This time by Theresa. Go Saints! They were winning just a few minutes ago.

Believe it or not, when I get ready to blog, I have to do a forgot password, everytime. I am either so ditzy these days, or forgetful, or just not too smart. Could I remember to just write the password down? No, that would be too easy.

Well, today was Caleb's first soccer game. Maybe I'll attempt pictures soon. He played all of about one minute, then refused to go back onto the field. Scared of all the cheering. I had to remind myself not to live vicariously through him; and just accept that he can make that choice. We'll see how the second game goes, on Saturday. For now, the "Flash" are 0 and 1.

By the way, there were only two kids who wholeheartedly participated on his team. The rest were in their own little safe worlds. Funny how kids are. Or should I say, funny how adults are, always trying to force kids to be adults.

Well, enough ramblings.

Until next month, or Christmas :)

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Linde said...

Too funny! Let us know when Caleb's games are and we will try to come. I am sure Kayden would enjoy it. Let's get together.