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11 September 2007

Trying something new

I thought I'd play around and see if I could put in a couple of pictures. We'll see.

After a tough weekend, I thought I'd ask Caleb's preschool teachers how he is doing behaviorally in school. Boy lunch. He is always making everyone laugh - apparently even the teachers.

Yesterday, they informed me, he tooted and everyone thougth it was hilarious, so he played it up. We have discussed the phrase, "Excuse me" many times. But, obviously, he thinks a laugh is better.

He also has been banned from playing with the ski mask in the dress-up area. Apparently he likes to pull it down and scare his friends. (I sure hope this thrill ends in early childhood and doesn't follow him into adulthood)

Well, that was enough news. He has been better behaved since then. Now his sister on the other hand . . . well, let's just say she has a growing passion for fingerpainting with food (not good timing as we are attempting to wean from the high chair).

Just a few notes on the pictures: Riley and Caleb at MeMe Glazier's house; Riley in the dog's cage (Riley's favorite place to be); Caleb at his first soccer practice; and Riley and Caleb on the first day of school (no, Mom, didn't work long on the hair).

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