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06 March 2008

Wow - has it been two months?

Okay, it's been since Jan. 1 since I've written anything? I am shocked myself. I have avoided it out of pure laziness. But, I thought I'd actually update a bit. This will never cover the two months I have not posted, but I'll try.

Riley turned 2. I think that about does it. I guess I'll write more later.

Just kidding, but the fact that she really is two now speaks for itself. There isn't a dull moment in the house. Sibling rivalry is completely under way; the "spanky spoon" has become mom's greatest ally (the threat alone suffices). But, through it all, we have had some very cute and sweet moments - I couldn't love them more. I have been thanking God often lately for the moments with them. The baby days are more behind us (although each has his/her moments), and the joys of childhood are blooming every day.

Riley poops and pees in the potty when she chooses, and other times she just pulls the pants and diaper off and covers the floor/carpet, etc. I am not going to push potty training until summer arrives, then it's "diaper be gone." She is definitely smart enough to get it, but stubborn enough to demand the diaper. I am sure I will need to pray and fast throughout the spring in preparation.

Caleb is sweeter than ever, yet sassier than ever. When he tries, he is so helpful and such a big boy: very independent at times. When he tries, he is needy and whiny and can talk back as well I as can (take the hint, I see myself in him way too often). He has great questions. We were reading his Bible, where Jesus was praying in the garden. Caleb stops me and says: "So, He is talking to himself." I say, "Well, He is talking to God." He replies, "Well, if Jesus is God, then He is talking to himself." I say, "Bryan!!! Can you come in here for a minute?" We try to explain it to him, but in the end we leave it as, "Well, yes, technically He is talking to Himself." How do you explain the trinity to a four year old? If these are the questions at four, Lord, help us in the future. Know what I mean?

Well, that gives you a glimpse into my life. It is sooooo very tiring . . . yet, so very sweet.

I am sure I will look back one day in envy of these simpler times. For now, I'll just look forward to falling in bed at night to a few hours of quiet. :) I am all smiles.

Hopefully I will make myself write more often, although they'll probably be shorter.

goodnight . . .

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thePiks said...

I was so excited to see a new post! Glad to get caught up on your family. These are tiring times aren't they? But so much fun!