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18 March 2008

I love bugs . . . not!!

Spring time seems to have arrived; it actually felt a bit like summer. We stayed home all day and played outside. Here is the funny glimpse into the afternoon/evening.

I was spring cleaning and found Caleb's bug collector case and magnifying glass. That set into motion inspector Caleb and sidekick Riley. They began searching for bugs. It was so sweet how gentle he was being with them; Riley was very excited and grossed out at once. She didn't know whether to like bugs or not. We looked up what they eat, etc. Then I went out to take pictures because he had three beetles in his bug collector's thingamabob; but to my surprise, they were all dead on the patio. He said, "I stomped on them with my shoe."

I was a little deflated that my sweet, innocent little caring and compassionate boy who was watching over these bugs had had a change of heart in just an instant. So, I did what all good moms do, I made him fake a picture with one, then I took a picture of him with the dead bugs gathered together.

Funniest part, Riley stomped them barefooted. How disgusting. Yuck.

Well, bug collecting is over for now. We'll see if they continue on Thursday (we'll be too busy tomorrow).

I'll add more later about Easter, egg hunts, and worship.

Have a great week.

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