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01 January 2008

Tired in 2008 . . . already?

Happy New Year!

We've begun the year with far too little sleep. Bryan and I actually had the entire night to ourselves, thanks to my sister-in-law who volunteered to corral the chaotic twosome. So, we stayed up way too late and still had to get up this morning to eat breakfast with our two little monsters. I am so appreciate . . . and so tired. :)

Christmas was good, everyone got exactly what they wanted, and I think we managed to keep Christ the center. Riley can tell us that it was Jesus in the manger - and Caleb can tell the Christmas story by heart. The only problem we really had was "moreitis." Caleb and Riley wanted "more." I pray we can teach them gratitude this year - and maybe show a little more myself.

I purchased a One Year Chronological Bible and actually read today's selections. It is supposed to have the Bible in order based on the actual historical sequence of events. So, for example, after I read a portion of Scripture about David, if he wrote a Psalm about the event, it would follow. I hope to get a better understanding of God's redemption. I am excited about it and will keep you update, probably less often than I would like.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. As for New Year's resolutions, I don't really have anything particular, just areas to work on. I intend to be better organized at keeping up with the kids' artwork and "cutesies." I plan to keep a box under each bed to store pictures and artwork and a notebook. Hopefully I remember to write down little stories about what they've done or said. Liz Traylor (my pastor's wife) recommended just keeping a calendar to write that stuff on so you don't have to do double work. That's all they'll care to see anyway. Who knows what I'll actually do, but just having a place to put it all is a big step for me in organization.

Well, I really am tired and this is taking longer to type than normal. So, I'm signing off for now.
Until my next moments of randomness . . .


thePiks said...

Happy 2008! Organization is always a goal of mine. Maybe this year! Amanda

thePiks said...

Did you hear Theresa had the baby?!?! Callie, born today some time around 1 pm by c-section.