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12 March 2008

They really are sweet . . .

I am here; nothing too interesting. Caleb had his second classroom timeout ever. The first was last year early on; so this is the first for this year (and it's March). He was wrestling; so I guess I should be thankful it was in fun and not too serious. But, we had to have a little talk. I hope I remember to thank him when he wakes up for being such a good kid. I have to remind myself of that; he really is well behaved most of the time.

Riley only had timeout once today, that is unusual for her - it's more like two or three each day for her. I know that will change when she is a bit older - like three. She was so sweet when we got home; she kept kissing me and hugging me. She likes for me to kiss her neck and tickle her. She'll say "stop it!" Then she'll say, "Again!" We just laughed and laughed; although she should have been sleeping.

Please pray for our friends mom; Ms. Elaine. She will have surgery Tuesday for uterine cancer. She is a great woman and has had a very positive, Godly, influence in both Bryan's and my lives. She would never complain; so pray that she is comforted and will speak up as to what she needs - physically, spiritually, and financially. Her husband is on disability due to cancer also. She has been working a very physically taxing job so obviously she won't be able to any longer. Thanks for remembering to lift up her and her family.

I'll keep you updated.

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