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08 March 2008

Trying . . . and trying

Trying seems to be my theme for today.

I am Trying to be more faithful at updating more regularly.

I tried to make several returns this morning: the first one, a big purchase, my second time trying: my card expired 2/29; therefore, I didn't succeed. My second return, a minor item, the receipt expired yesterday: I repeat, yesterday; therefore, I didn't succeed. (Don't get me started on receipts expiring).

Thirdly, my day has been trying (and tiring). It started out fine; a morning with the family. After the first two unsuccessful tries which nearly had me in tears already, Riley said, "Uh, oh, I have ewwww." (while in JCPenny). I pick her up to carry her out (the diaper bag was in the car because my return was supposed to be quick), she has peed. Normally, that'd be fine. But her daddy, my darling husband, failed to mention he put panties on her this morning while I was in the shower. So, my shirt got dampened.

I have no extra clothes in her bag (because I take them out for school since she has extra there and I forgot to reload this morning before going out). So, we go upstairs to get new pants. We finally get to the car; Bryan had tried to hold her sideways, but the pee escaped onto his shirt sleeve. As I'm changing her, we realize her socks and shoes are soaked. So, we head to Target for new shoes, socks, and shirt for dad. (We had lunch plans with other family in 30 mins. and mine dried by this time - I know - yuck - but we had already been on a shopping spree for enough family members).

Trying to eat lunch at 12:30 with a two year old who normally naps at 12:30 and a four year old who likes to visit restrooms at restaurants isn't very easy or much fun.

I get home to try to activate my new card to call and make my large purchase return, and the company's automated line is having technical difficulties; so a 2 minute task takes 15. Now I am venting.

We will look back and laugh. We will, won't we????

(chuckle) - - now off to lie in my bed while the kids nap to try to think about trying to make wiser decisions and trying not procrastinating.

Good day . . . or at least I'll try . :)

I really am okay!!


thePiks said...

I'm sure it was frustrating, but it made a good post! Sometimes it's amazing that we mother's of little ones make it through the day. Keep trying!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a crazy day! I could have written this post, the way my life has been going lately. Oh, and I hear you on 4-year-olds and restaurant bathrooms. It drives me up the wall! :) Keep trying and plugging on. Glad to see you posting again!