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24 February 2012


This week I had the privilege of substituting at Aletheia Christian Academy. While the eighth graders were quietly working on an assignment, I picked up a copy of the book they have been recently assigned to read, Bruchko. I have heard of the book, thus my curiousity compelled me to read the first couple of pages. I could not put the book down. For the past two days I read voraciously every chance I could - and finished the book just before the last class let out today.

I've have been thinking lately that I should read more biographies. In the past, every time I have started a biography, I have found the writing dry or the subject matter too slow to grasp my attention. God heard the desire of my heart and placed before me the most intense life story of which I have ever heard. It is first-hand life experiences of missionary Bruce Olson.

In the book, Bruce tells how he came to know Christ as Lord and Savior, which is in itself engaging and heart-breaking. As a child, Bruce was raised by strict Lutherans who completely missed the point of our Savior. God joined Bruce right where he was as a young boy, and Bruce met Jesus Christ and gave his life to our Lord. The Lord put a fire in Bruce that has since that day burned brightly .

As a young adult, still in his teens, Bruce gave up all he had and began a journey which he is still living today. He boarded a plane for South America and headed for the jungles of Columbia. He communicates honestly and with great detail the torture he underwent, the diseases he contracted, the uncivilized Indians he encountered, and the near death he experienced on more than one occasion. However, the gripping tale he expresses is underlaid with the presence of God.

Bruce's faith deepened as he devoted his life to a tribe known only for mutilating the bodies of oil workers caught in the region.

I was mesmerized, convicted, but definitely encouraged by Bruce's vivid first-hand experiences. I will probably never know the power of the Holy Spirit the way Bruce Olson does. And the amazing thing to me is that he is still there today - ministering to the same Indians.

I hope I haven't given too much away from his story. If you want to read a challenging, eye-opening, true tale of bravery, love, and the work of the Holy Spirit, find Bruchko. I assure you, you won't regret it.

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