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18 January 2012

Attempt no. 23,252

Once again, I revisit my attempt to blog. I think my goal was set too high - but what is life but a series of trials and errors.

I still feel compelled to write; however, as Paul explained in Romans - that which I want to do I do not do - but that which I do not want to do I find myself doing (a loose paraphrase). I have spent way too much time cleaning, and not nearly enough studying and writing.

One thing I have begun that I am loving is sewing. My darling husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I have found a sewing partner. We have met twice on Friday mornings to sew. Thus far, I have made a reusuable snack bag, a skirt, a cover for one of my daughter's games, and a travel-sized pillow case. This weekend we will take on pajama pants. I am thoroughly enjoying this creative outlet, and I've been so proud of my end results. I'll keep you updated.

Another sidetrack that has taken up some time is pinterest. I love it, but I have to now set a goal of completing something that I've repinned. It should be interesting to narrow that one down - why don't you let me know how you're accomplishing this task.

Well -I'm out of time for today, but I'll try to revisit soon. Until next time . . .

the continual attemptor!!

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