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01 September 2011

I'm Back

I'm Back

Once again, I am revisiting my own blog. Amazing, right? There is so much to say - so much has happened and changed since I last wrote. I told you I would be entering a new phase of life, didn't I? Well - I'm here and I'm literally here! 

My goal is to post a short blog at least three times a week. Unlike some of you, my writing takes time. I might rewrite a sentence three to five times before returning to the original sentence, and still not be happy with it. That's just me.

Today I have a bit of a rant - humor me, please?

Are you familiar with the security box most websites now utilize to ensure that we are not robots? You know the ones that require you to enter the "letters you see above." Now, I don't know much about how the Internet works; in fact, it blows my mind to begin considering how much information is literally floating through the air we breathe . . . hey, maybe that's where my more frequent allergies are coming from . . . but really, can't they find a way to  make these letters readable to the normal person? Is my brain that much more advanced than a computer's that I am expected to translate their messy fonts? For years I have had to grade papers handwritten by America's (and other countries') high school students, and I still miraculously manage to see without glasses.

Anyway - several days this week I have encountered these torturous devices, and I have gotten stuck. I enter what I see, and the page reloads and says I have entered the letters incorrectly. So, I try again, and again, and again. Then I ask for new letters, and try again, and again. One day I tried three sets of letters before I could move along with my task. By the time I had finished that exercise,  my brain was spent and I had forgotten what it was I had intended to complete.

Whatever! Please forgive me. My first blog back and I'm confessing my ignorance. Hah -just like someone who wants to be taken seriously, right?

Well - until next time - it has been fun! Got a girl I got to go get! (My attempt at alliteration.)

the hopeful non-writer

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