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08 March 2011

Only Time Will Tell

April 29, 2009 -the date of my last post.

Unbelievable! I cannot and yet I can believe that I haven't taken time to write since then. Time to close facebook and dust off the keyboard. Mute the television, leave the dirty dishes, ignore the buzzing dryer, delay the necessary sleep and open up my mind.

Wow - dusty in there too. Time to weed through Barney jingles, preschool themes, and the responsiblities of a mom of two young children.

Why? I've got a seven-year-old and a five-year-old with her first loose tooth. They are growing up quickly. I at least have every other minute or so to take a breath now. Guess what , I am still me - just hidden under a few layers. If I can't see me, you can't.

"What the Memory Holds" - boy does that say it all. I am not sure - but I will attempt to delve in again and discover what may be hanging on.

A new season feels close by. No, not springtime in the south - but school-age children and a bit more time.

I seek the road my Father has for me - will you walk with me - challenging me - pointing out the obvious (to you).

I hope it's not all hot air - only time will tell.

Au Revoir

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