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29 March 2012

Our Return to the Resurrection

This is my rendition of Easter Activities – wish I was better with adding pictures, etc. You'll have to do this the old fashion way - with your imagination. Shocker!! In planning, I considered the age of my children, their interests, and what they already know from previous Easters, church, and school. I have borrowed much information and many ideas from two blogs. Unfortunately I have committed one of my pet-peeves and cannot give credit to one of them – I can no longer find the source. I have changed everything to fit my family. The following is one of the great blogs.

I also spent a considerable amount of time with my Bible open, looking at what I wanted to highlight. Of course, we could do an activity every day of the year and never exhaust the life of Christ. My goal is to turn their eyes heavenward. I planned for the number of days I have remaining until Easter. I can’t wait to begin this evening. I hope that you too can find time and energy to focus your and your families’ hearts toward our Savior. For He truly is the reason for this celebration. Please forgive that these are brief and sometimes grammatically incomplete. I will “fly by the seat of my pants” or “walk in the Spirit” as we read Scripture – allowing God to speak through His word and through me as I comment on the verses.

Day 1: Match or Flashlight (perhaps with box)

Matthew 1: 18-2:23; Luke 8:16-18; John 3: 19-21

Discuss that Jesus was born as the light of the world; now we are to be the light of the world. World is described as darkness. Play with flashlight in dark areas, hiding it under the box in a dark room. Discuss also the things we would rather be hidden in our lives and how Jesus reveals all the darkness within us.

Day 2: Feather and Wind (Fan)

Luke 3:21-22 and John 3:7-8

Discuss Jesus's baptism and how the Holy Spirit descended from heaven in the form of a dove. Allow kids to blow feather and us fans to blow feather. Compare which blows best. Discuss how Holy spirit blows in like the wind, unseen and unheard. God also blows breath of life in us and in Scripture- keeping us alive; and allowing the Scripture to be living (2 Tim. 3:17-18)

Day 3: Scroll made of newspaper – Make and send Easter cards to two people (cross and butterfly)

Luke 4:14-30

Jesus revealed himself in His hometown. He quoted from Isaiah. Discuss what Scriptures the Jews read – and how they wouldn’t have had the New Testament yet.
Discuss the importance of memorizing Scripture and instances in which Jesus quoted it. Here, and in the desert during His temptation. Discuss how persecuted Christians in other countries memorize their Bibles so that when they are taken from them – they have it in their heart. Psalms says it lights our path. Pick a verse to share with others. Make cards to send to two family members or friends.

Day 4: Perfume or potpourri supplies

Luke 7:36-50

Jesus was anointed by a sinful woman. Why would she waste her oil on his feet? She displayed a worshipful heart, in the moment. Discuss who showed more love – the hosts of the dinner or the woman? What do people do today to worship Jesus? What about in the moment?
What did Jesus do to his servants feet later on – washed them. Why? What’s the dirtiest part of your body? Who likes feet? What is a real servant?

Day 5: Grass seeds, rocks, sticks, soil

Mat 8

Jesus says some seeds were trampled; the Devil removes the seeds. Some fell on rocks. Some fell among thorns. Some fell on good soil.
Jesus also says, we sow seeds, others may water – but He makes them grow. We’ll plant grass today in a large enough pie plate to later turn into tomb garden.

Day 6: Plastic Eggs with three items inside; some with treasures inside.

Luke 15

Hide three eggs with sheep, coin, and picture inside; maybe some empty. Discuss the three parables. “There will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous person who do not need to repent.”
Jesus always accepts us when we come back. When we ask others for forgiveness, they may have a hard time because they are hurt or angry, but Jesus never turns us away or holds a grudge. Heaven holds a celebration when the prodigal son returns. Finish with eggs hidden in another location full of great treasures.

Day 7: Grape juice, bread (maybe matzo bread)

Luke 22:1-46

Read history of Passover, because Jesus was Jewish. (Deut 16:1-8) (Ex. 11:12-following)
Talk about communion in our church for believers to remember Jesus sacrifice; just as Jesus and the Jewish church were remembering God’s judgment and faithfulness.

Day 8: Purple cellophane

Luke 22:47-23:25

Discuss the cruelty, lies, and evil committed leading up to Jesus’ death. Form a cross with soap and water on our window, cover with pieces of cut-up purple cellophane to remind us of our King’s death.

Day 9: Nails, hammer, wood. Rocks and pot with lid; old material to rip.

Luke 23:26-49

Let the kids hit nails into wood in shape of cross. Shake rocks in a pot to simulate the earthquake. Rip material to hear the sound of the curtain in the Holy of Holies. Discuss the Holy of Holies and how the curtain kept people out except for the priest once a year. Explain how Jesus opened up that Holy Place so that now we could enter ourselves. We are now the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Day 10: Rocks, grass tomb from earlier, sticks, leaves, potato, bandage.

Luke 50-56

Form a garden tomb using the grass planted earlier. Carve a hole in a potato, put bandage inside (significant to stories of Samaritan, Lazarus, Jesus). Put dead sticks, leaves, etc. all around tomb.
Make Tomb cookies – retelling the story of Jesus life and death. Tape the oven door and wait until morning.

Day 11: Large Empty Eggs

Luke 24

Resurrection Sunday – finish the story. Replace dead leaves with beautiful flowers. Remove tape from oven. Have a large empty egg in their baskets. The Gift of Jesus’ life is the best gift of all – He is Risen!!


The 6 of Us said...

I love your heart to share with your kids and not miss out on all these very teachable moments, Sheree! Your post was an encouragement to me to do the same. Thank you for sharing all your ideas!

sheree said...

Thanks - glad you stopped by. Guessing you made it home safely. Have a great Easter.